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CrossFit is a full body workout incorporating high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, plyometrics, endurance, and strongman. Each class or Work Out of the Day (WOD) is different and is taught by an experienced and certified instructor. Designed with functional movement in mind, CrossFit will make you stronger, faster, and most importantly: Fit.

"The needs of the Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind." We scale the program so that elite athletes and grandmothers can do a variation of the same workout side-by-side and both get a great stimulus. Weights, movements, and reps can all be modified in order to accomplish this.  All we need from you is commitment.

When you step into our facility, you will see the Infiltrate difference. We have lots of beautiful outdoor space. Pull the rowers out to face the canal as you burn through a WOD. Our equipment is of the highest quality and our space is brand new. It was built with CrossFit in mind. We will start with two rooms allowing us to run simultaneous classes such as CrossFit Kids, On Ramp and Express classes so there are more options for you to tailor your CrossFit experience to you. 

Ultimately it is our care and commitment to you that will separate us. We will listen to your input, and always put the client first.

We limit class sizes so that you can get the attention you need. During our Intro and On Ramp classes, we are dedicating a lot of individual focus to laying your foundation. We will get to know how you move and be able to help you out as you develop with us.

Even in the group classes, you can expect specific instruction and coaching. We will always have an eye to make sure everyone is staying safe while at the same time motivating you to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

We can all agree that carelessness is not safe. Now, I should also say that with any physical activity, there’s going to be aches and pains along the way. A car that never gets used never needs to go to the mechanic. So, as you begin to become active you may experience some discomfort in the shoulder for example. That doesn’t mean that CrossFit caused it, but probably means that the disfunction that was already there is becoming visible because you’re starting to use it in CrossFit.

We will spend sufficient time and energy warming up, strengthening, and securing the joints in our classes.

  • On Ramp Course: The On Ramp course takes place over three classes, and can be completed in one week. It is broken down into Class A (offered each Monday at 7am and 7pm), Class B (offered each Tuesday at 7am and 7 pm), and Class C (offered each Friday at 7am or 4pm). You do not need to take them in order, but you do need to take each unique class.
    • We will go over the 9 basic CrossFit movements along with a few others.
    • This is a time for you to get even more individual attention as we as coaches, and you as an athlete, assess your abilities.
    • It’s a way for the body to begin acclimation to new movements and relatively intense exercise.
    • Do NOT expect to master these movements in this time. Mastering many of these movements will take weeks, months, and sometimes years.
    • DO expect to get the basic knowledge to move forward with more confidence knowing that you can safely ramp up your intensity and accomplish your goals.
  • Regular Classes: Regular Classes, Group Class (typical CrossFit Class,) and Open Gym classes. On Ramp or extensive CrossFit experience is required for these classes. Even in Regular classes, we will scale movements and weights according to individual need and will always put safety first.

The process is simple!

  1. First, look around. Check out the website and Facebook page. If you like what you see, and you’re not interested in taking the easy way to an improved self, then proceed to step two.
  2. Second, you’ll want to start with our free No Sweat Intro where we meet up with beginners and advanced athletes one on one.  This is a chance for us to show you around, and hear from you what you are looking for.  We want to make sure we're a good fit for you.
  3. Third, start an On Ramp Course. Here's where we get to know how you move and how you get to know how we coach. 
  4. Fourth, start membership!
    • All our memberships are month to month with a 1 month written notification to cancel.
  5. Of course, if you need help in deciding where to start, email Johnnie Mae and she’d be glad to help.
  6. Finally, Come to class regularly. Change in health and fitness is about consistency, not about the first few months. Make fitness a way of life and a top priority and we can help you accomplish your goals.
You can park in the 9C parking garage and we will happily validate your pass.

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