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How Do I Join?

Hey! Thanks for checking us out. The process is simple.

  • First, look around. Check out the website and Facebook page. If you like what you see, and you’re not interested in taking the easy way to an improved self, then proceed to step two.

  • Second, Figure out what track you need to start.

    • If you’ve never done CrossFit, and you just want a no-obligations introduction to check out our facility, coaches, and CrossFit in general, you’ll want to start with our free Intro Class which happen Thursdays at 6pm and Sundays at 2pm. 

    • You will learn about us, and we will learn about you. CrossFit is universally scalable (meaning that each movement can be modified so that it is accessible to everyone, and I mean everyone), but in order for the coaches to know your specific needs, we need to have some time assessing your abilities and limitations in order to keep you safe and in order to best help you reach your goals.

      • At this point, you can move on to our On Ramp Course.

    • If you have a little bit of CrossFit experience (less than 3 months of consistent CrossFit instruction) then you can start with the intro if you like, or you can jump straight to signing up for our On Ramp Course.

    • If 45 minutes is better for your schedule, then EXPRESS option is likely for you.

    • If you’re experienced in CrossFit, email Jared to talk about options.

      • Of course, if you need help in deciding where to start, email Jared and he’d be glad to help.

      • For more information about class options, go to the Learn More page and click on "What are the Different Classes?"

  • Third, once you know what class you want to start with, you can simply sign up for the class you like on our schedule tab and you will be directed from there. It will also prompt you to our electronic waiver.

    • Once you have purchased your classes or membership, you’ll need to sign up for each class. 

    • Download our mobile app for ease for iOS or Android.

    • All our memberships are month to month with a 1 month written notification to cancel.

  • Finally, Come to class regularly. Change in health and fitness is about consistency, not about the first few months. Make fitness a way of life and a top priority and we can help you accomplish your goals.


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